Wooden garden playhouses for children, playgrounds

Are you looking for a playground for children, that is durable, stable, safe and also pretty? You’ve come to the right place! The wooden playhouses for children offered by the Polish manufacturer MrGeppetto meet all these assumptions. Wide range of thematic versions and actually endless possibilities of modifications and optional elements make it easy to match the garden playhouses we offer to your child's interests or age.

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MrGepetto - pe teacher series

Gym Master Series

Do you have a crazy climber or a young gymnast at home? Or maybe just a little quicksilver with too much energy? We come to help! THE GYM MASTER set of playground ladders, rods and swings will provide your child with long hours of creative games and outdoor exercises, and you – with peace of mind about their development and safety.

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Accessories for wooden playhouses

Our offer is complex, in addition to garden playhouses, we offer also furnishing, such as dressers, tables with chairs, poufs and decorations as well – picture frames, blackboards etc. Thanks to this you get everything in one place, without having to order products from other sources. All elements available from us match each other stylistically and are adapted to a theme of the wooden playground.

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MrGepetto - wooden playhouses for children
MrGepetto - tool houses

Tool houses

Lawnmower, grill, bag of fertilizer... you need a place to store it everything, and which one will also decorate the garden? We have it! Take a look at our offer tool houses. It doesn't matter if you just want to put away the leaf rake and the flowerpot for next season, do you have plenty of equipment and tools, or maybe you would also like to decorate yourself a comfortable place to tinker - here you will find houses of various sizes. WITH You can also successfully match your house to the style of your garden - we offer both modern and more classic models and even a fairy-tale house.

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Smoky, damp wood that takes hours to burn? Lying in the corner of the garden, a pile of logs falling apart? Forget about it! Get ready for the „fireplace season” today and think about the woodshed from our offer. We will help you season your wood well and organize the garden space. Whether you only enjoy it occasionally create a warm atmosphere by the fireplace or heat the whole house - we will adjust the size woodshed to suit your needs. And at the same time, our woodsheds can be simply beautiful element of the garden - you can easily match it to its character. You don't have to worry either about the quality and durability of the woodshed - these are the most important issues for us.

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MrGepetto - woodsheds
MrGepetto - flowerpots

Garden pots

Is your terrace or balcony looking a bit empty? Would you like to plant it in your garden? thermophilic plants, but are you worried about what you will do with them in winter? Or maybe you want to decorate a tiny vegetable or herb garden for your child? Then they'll come in handy flower pots - they will add charm and diversify the space of the patio, terrace or balcony, creating great a place to rest, and if you like fuchsias, oleanders or gardenias - you can safely move them indoors after the season. Our offer includes flower pots of various sizes size and style that you can combine to create an interesting and coherent composition, whose layout you can quickly change depending on your needs. All models are made with attention to detail, durable and resistant to various weather conditions.

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Waste bin covers

You need to take care of the aesthetics of your garden at every point - waste containers they no longer have to be a shameful element, pushed into a corner. You can hide them in a storage space that will help you stay organized and will be an aesthetic element garden equipment. Our offer includes covers for standard containers for waste, and if you don't have them - also cleverly hidden behind wooden walls attachments for segregation bags. As is usually the case with us, you can easily adjust it them to the style of the remaining elements of the garden. And because we take care of every detail the workmanship of our products - you can rest assured that the covers will last for years.

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